Photoshop and Lightroom Post Processing Course

Can you take photos but then do not know how to get them printed or uploaded to the web, or they just do not look as good as you would like them to? Perhaps you have been on the Practical Beginners Photography Course and now want to progress your photography. If so, this Photoshop and Lightroom Post Processing Course is for you.
Photoshop and Lightroom Post Processing Course run by member of the Royal Photographic Society and award winning freelance photographer, Philip Pound LRPS

This is a theoretical course aimed at beginners but frankly of value to everyone - beginners, improvers and advanced. Everyone will learn something from it.

I, the course I look at the process of downloading the photos from the camera into Adobe Lightroom / Bridge and Photoshop Elements 12 and CS6.

I look at basic editing in Camera RAW / Lightroom and go through each of the controls

colour temperature,
green / magenta tint


the tone curve

sharpening and noise reduction

lens corrections and vignetting

post crop vignetting

the spot removal too (Lightroom only)

how to crop to a specific size

how to straighten photos etc.

And then take the photo into Photoshop or Elements

How to resize the photo

How to change the colour balance for print or screen

How to sharpen for the type of photo, size of photo, type of paper or for screen

The aim is to be able to produce an optimum quality photo to be able to upload to an online digital print service (or print on your own printer) or to upload to a website or social media site.

The cost of the Photoshop and Lightroom theoretical course run by member of the Royal Photographic Society and award winning photographer, Philip Pound LRPS will be £60 for 3 hours tuition on a one to one basis. Add a friend for an extra £30. Maximum two people to ensure you get the most from the tuition.

If you are interested in attending one of these courses (or one of the Practical Beginners Photography courses) please contact Philip Pound LRPS at