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London Wedding Photographer, Philip Pound
Ask most people that you talk to what they would save first if their house were to catch fire, they would tell you that it would be their collection of photographs. And of course, the photographs that they would be looking to save would be of them and their family and particularly those of family no longer with them. That is the power of a photograph.

And it is what has convinced me to concentrate on people photography. Not many people in 30 years time are likely to be taking an interest in photos of landscapes and buildings but they are very likely to be fascinated by the photos of people - what they looked like and what they were wearing.

And somehow those photos that we did not always appreciate at the time become more fascinating as we get older - those wrinkles and extra pounds tend to matter a lot less.

So, the message to me is clear. People value photos of people.

From today I will be concentrating on taking photos of people. Philip Pound Photography will now specialise in taking photos of weddings, engagements, christenings, birthdays and other family occasions, and of course creating Family Portraits..