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Poodle Portraits

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Black Toy Poodle Buttons
I often get asked whether I will photograph people's pets. There seems to be a myth that somehow photographers do not want to take photographs of children and animals. Well - yes, I do. That is what I do. I take photos of people and their pets.

A recent commission was a bit of a challenge - taking photos of a client's pet poodles. But as he said to me - "you won't be able to take a good photograph. We have tried and failed".

Well, he was right that it was a challenge. One - a large golden poodle was relatively easy as he stayed still. The other - a black toy poodle was more of a challenge. He was very small, constantly moved and was black - not a colour that is easy to photograph and which drives the automatic focusing of modern cameras mad because there is no difference in contrast which they need for their automatic focusing to work. The other challenge was that he was very inquisitive and kept coming close to the camera.

The client was very pleased with the results. Here is one of the photos that he liked. Fortunately, there were a large number that he was pleased with and he is still choosing the ones that he wishes to order prints of.

It doesn't get much harder than photographing a black dog. If you have a favourite pet and would like Philip Pound to photograph your pet, please contact him in for more details. It will cost you a lot less than you would think!