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Pet Portraits - Cat Photoshoot

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Blue Persian Cat
Just finished a photoshoot of two delightful cats - one a Siamese cat and the other a Blue Persian cat. In this photo the wonderful piercing eyes of the cat stare straight at the camera. This photo was taken with a Canon 1D Mk III camera using a Canon EF 70-200 mm f/2.8 lens.

The telephoto lens enabled me to keep my distance from the cat and get a natural reaction. The cat was sitting on a chair next to the dining room table and did not really want his photo taken.

The f2.8 lens enabled me to get the wonderful depth of field effect with just the eyes and the head of the cat in focus and the rest pleasantly out of focus. It also enabled me to get an indoor photo in low light without the use of flash. By keeping my distance from the cat I was able to get the staring eyes effect that I was looking for.

I particularly like the backlit rim effect on the fur of the cat from light from a window behind the cat.

This is the sort of photo that I could take of your cat.

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